Who Are Koiwai Kotori and Judy Alice Lee Voice Actors of Yun Jin?

miHoYo just revealed the voice actors for Yun Jin in Genshin Impact 2.4, and she has a specific Chinese opera singer doing her singing voice.

Yun Jin, as a 4-star character, probably won’t be as popular as Shenhe. However, she will definitely have her fans coming from all horizons among those who appreciate gothic lolita fashion.

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Ayako Kawasumi, the seiyuu of Shenhe, Koiwai Kotori is a relatively new seiyuu. One of her most popular role outside Japan is Utsutsu in the Gachaman kinda reboot kinda remake series Gatchaman Crowds. For anime fans who don’t ignore kids series, her most popular role is definitely Nono in Aikatsu, the idol arcade game franchise by Bandai Namco.

Kotori Koiwai also voiced Shallie in Atelier Shallie, Renge in Non Non Biyori, and Mano in Takagi-san.

Who is Judy Alice Lee?

Judy Alice Lee previously voiced Ram in the 2021 remake of He-Man and the Master of the Universe. Yun Jin will be one of the first game related roles Judy Alice Lee voices.

Last but not least, a professional Peking Opera Artist called 杨扬 is doing the singing voice of Yun Jin in all languages. So everyone will be hearing her singing regardless with which dub you play.

Yun Jin introduction trailer

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. Version 2.4 launches on January 5, 2022. Plus, a Nintendo Switch version is also coming at some point but has no release date yet.

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