Twitter reacts to the announcement of Olivia Rodrigo’s first tour

Olivia Rodrigo fans are practicing those high notes in “deja vu,” as the hit singer announced her first high-profile tour today.

By Rodrigo tour will start next April, and she’s excited to be on the road. Her guests include Gracie Abrams, Holly Humberstone and Baby Queen – with their specific dates announced on a poster that Rodrigo shared on social media.

This will be Rodrigo’s first tour, which may come as a surprise considering her massive success, but she blew up with “Driver’s License” for almost a year and released a nominated album. Grammy Award Sour few months later.

Tickets for the shows are sure to sell out quickly, and fans have already signed up for the verified fan show on Ticket Master. Once that’s done, they’ll take to Twitter to share their excitement for the tour and what they’re about to do to land tickets.

From the fans who thought they deserved the ticket the most – thanks to Spotify for the wraps and who weren’t afraid to show their love for Rodrigo among her young fans – here’s what Twitter is talking about the Sour Tour.

These fans aren’t afraid to jostle teenagers for tickets to the Sour Tour.

Seriously, we’ve been shopping on Black Friday for years; We have been trained for this moment.

Some fans know that tickets to the tour will instantly boost their mood, and we totally get that, but they should be prepared for their faces to be smudged with eyeliner even if they score tickets. or not.

Fans are incredibly grateful to Olivid Rodrigo today – and always will be.

If the Sour Tour audience looks like this, we’re not judging anyone. We are open to socializing with other fans of all ages.

Have you signed up for a verified fan program on Ticketmaster? Do you plan to see Olivia Rodrigo in concert next year? Let’s talk about this. Twitter reacts to the announcement of Olivia Rodrigo’s first tour

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