Nexplay EVOS officially removed Yawi from the list of Mobile Legends

One of the veteran Nexplay EVOS players, Tristan”Yawi“Cabrera, has officially left the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team. The pro player is one of the iconic “Big Three” and also one of Nexplay EVOS’s best tank players. Yawi practice was alluded to by content creator Setsuna “Doggie” Ignacio a few months ago announced via a vlog post that the pro player has received several opportunities to join new esports teams and will no longer compete in Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 Nexplay EVOS has yet to reveal their new roster for the upcoming season.

Yawi officially leaves Nexplay EVOS

After finishing in a solid 6th place in MPL PH Season 8, Nexplay EVOS has begun to improve its roster for the upcoming season. According to one of its pro players, the team will have a brand new roster with only a handful of veteran players remaining on the team.

One of the pro players who left the team was Nexplay EVOS tank expert Yawi. Players are part of the iconic “Big Three”, which includes veteran players Renejay”RENEJAY“Barcarse, Tristan”Yawi“Cabrera, and Jhon”H2wo“Salonga. With Yawi leaving the team, only RENEJAY and H2wo are the remaining members of the legendary “Big Three” who will compete in the upcoming MPL PH Season 9.

This announcement was made through the official social media of Nexplay Esports, the organization behind the Mobile Legends team. Nexplay EVOS bids his pro player good luck.

“We’re proud of your transformation and we, like your fans, can’t wait to see where your MLBB journey takes you next!” Nexplay Esports captioned.

It is not yet known which team Yawi will join for the upcoming MPL season. But on the other hand, Dogie may have hinted at the new faces of Nexplay EVOS. The organization has yet to officially announce its new roster, so this information should be taken as salt.

It will be interesting to see who fills Yawi’s place, as part of the Big Three, in Nexplay EVOS.

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